project awesome - dev build

Project Awesome is turn-based game where each team gets a planning phase to issue orders for all of their units and then the results are simulated in real-time. At the moment there are 3 orders to issue an unit:

  • Move - unit will attempt to move to the location and transition to the hold order when no longer moving
  • Hold - unit will attack any targets within range, generally choosing the closest
  • Target - unit will attack the targeted enemy if in range (with a damage boost!), otherwise they will engage the nearest target

The camera is controllable by click & dragging with the mouse, using the arrow keys, or W/A/S/D, plus the mouse scroll wheel for zoom.

Certain tiles have special bonuses or effects such as causing damage (spikes), slowing you down (water), or maybe even both (barbed wire). Units also gain bonuses to defense when moving generally, with some units such as the scout being almost invulnerable if they keep moving.

Each mission has different objectives, but unless otherwise specified you can always win by entirely wiping out the opposing team. Good luck and thanks for playing!

Got ideas? Feature requests? Send us yer suggestions or bugs that you find in our sexy forums.